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New QZ-60

50W the FCC limit & 250KHz 1.5:1 SWR Bandwidth to cover the entire Band   

During development of the new QZ-60 for 60m several issues needed to be addressed because the length of the antenna began to approach 100ft(30m).  The QZ models for higher frequencies with their shorter lengths allow for a detachable radiator as the weight and wind loading are not as great.  But with this antenna at 30m length reliability would suffer if a strain relief was not incorporated.  At first a simple 90 degree serpentine path was considered, but was quickly discarded as this would present a high amount of pressure at a very small pivot point.  The final design strain relief where it exits to the antenna is drilled at a 30 degree angle to spread the load over a greater bearing surface.

A strain relief should also be strong, flexible, UV resistant, and have good RF insulating quality.  Because Polycarbonate meets these criteria a 1/8" thick sheet material was chosen as the ideal candidate.  It is much more expensive than common materials like PVC but vastly superior in several areas.  However when Polycarbonate is cut or drilled it can present a very sharp edge that could damage the Polyethylene insulation of the antenna wire. Therefore as seen in the photo below there is an additional clear sleeve tubing bonded to the antenna wire where it passes through the strain relief. The tubing itself is made of an incredibly tough polymer that is very difficult to cut or damage.  Under the ring terminal in the photo is what appears to be a puddle, this is actually an industrial adhesive that is waterproof and flexible, yet exceeds 3000psi shear strength.

>>Light weight End Fed Half Wave wire antennas.

>>Portable and easy to deploy, they are great for Back-packing or Emergency use.

>>Tool free design.

>>Unique slide tuning system allows fine tuning once the antenna is trimmed to resonance.

>>Self locking High Voltage End Insulator.

>>Mounting flexibility allows many layouts such as vertical, horizontal, sloping, or "L".

>>Being an End Fed Zepp antenna no counterpoise nor grounding is necessary.

>>Included Drip Dam prevents water droplets from running down the radiator to the operating position.

Ease of Use

>>Weather resistant, all fasteners are either Stainless Steel or Nickel Plated Brass.

>>Flexible, yet strong, stranded copper coated steel radiator with a UV resistant Black >>Polyethylene jacket.

>>Silver/Gold/Teflon SO-239 coax connector

>>Rated at 50W.