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 Using Trees for Antenna Support 

Trees are often the only support available for an antenna whether it be an end fed or dipole antenna design. This can be during portable/field day/expedition use or home locations.  In many instances one ends up with enough space to mount a metal pulley rope combination as seen in the graphic below.

 Some of the time there is enough space to bend the antenna without creating too much performance compromise but at other times there's not even enough room to use a rope and pulley setup for tree support. 

These Zeppelin antennas were wire antennas that could be trailed behind the the Airship via a mechanical or electrical winch arrangement. The frequencies used in various applications included Short Wave, Long Wave, & Very Long Wave. As these were trailed antennas they used an End Fed configuration.

Early fixed installation Zepp Antennas were a half-wavelength long(or multiple) and fed with a 1/4 WL (or multiple) open wire feed line which uses only one of the wires. The feed line provided a matching section for the transmitter.

Zepp Antenna History

Zepp antennas derive their name from the antennas used on the Zeppelin Airships. An early patent by German Hans Beggerow from 1909 illustrates the concept of an antenna equipped balloon.