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New Short-Wave Listening Antenna!

Model SWL-OCF1

Off Center Fed with an overall length of 65ft, configured as 10ft---Matching Unit---55ft

Feed Unit with Integrated Isolation Transformer to block Common Mode Noise

Pre-Attached end Insulators, you supply the rope, accepts up to 3/16" diameter rope.


     •     Off Center Fed with an overall length of 65ft configured as 10ft---Matching Unit---55ft

     •     Low Visibility AWG #18 Copper Coated Steel wire with a black weatherproof Polyethylene Insulation.

     •     May be configured horizontally or as a sloping antenna.

     •     Internally re-enforced matching unit for lightweight and compact mounting.

     •     Integrated Isolation Transformer to prevent Common Mode Noise coupling between Antenna & Coax.

The Isolation transformer provides Galvanic isolation with a separate winding for the primary and secondary sides of the transformer. It breaks or eliminates ground loops and the noise associated with them.  It also converts the un-balanced signal of the antenna to a balanced signal for transport over coaxial cable.


     •     Length 65ft overall configured as 10ft---Matching Unit---55ft

     •     AWG #18 Copper Coated Steel wire with a black weatherproof Polyethylene Insulation.

     •     Integrated Isolation Transformer.

     •     0.5MHz>30MHz coverage.

     •     Internal Transmission line with Teflon® insulated conductors for low loss.

     •     SO239(accepts PL259) Cable Connector Gold+Silver Plated with Teflon® insulator.

     •     50 Ohm Impedance Out for use with standard coaxial cable.

     •     Black ABS Plastic Enclosure.

     •     All Nickel Plated Brass or Stainless Steel Hardware.

     •     Pre-Attached end of wire Insulators, you supply the rope. Accepts rope diameter 3/16".

     •     Match Box Dimensions (3“ W x 1.25“ H x 2.5" D) Mtg Holes 2.5“ OC 0.186 dia

 **Note:  Receive only--not for transmitting.

Mod # SWL-OCF1 $64.99 Shipping Included via USPS anywhere in USA 

Installation Recommendations

1. Grounding & Lightning protection.  Don't tempt fate!!!  Not only will proper safety grounding make you safer but proper RF grounding will provide a quieter antenna installation.  While safety and RF grounding are not mutually inclusive (good RF grounding does not necessarily meet Electrical Regulatory Code), neither are they mutually exclusive.  Always consult a licensed Electrician for your locale! 

2. The further from structures and other antennas the better.

3. Ideally the antenna and feed point would be mounted furthest from the structure, however even if this is not convenient, the antenna allows at least 10ft of separation of the feed line from the structure.  And the Integrated Isolation Transformer helps prevent Common Mode Noise induced on the feed line from reaching the antenna.

4. DO NOT attach to a tree for support without a pulley/counterweight system, trees are giant sails which WILL easily break most antennas.

Ideal Installation 

Feed point away from structure and Coax line either on the ground or buried.  Plus an RF ground consisting of ground radials and a NEC approved safety ground at the building Entry Point.

More Convenient Installation

Feed point closer to structure.

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