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1. Can the Qik-Zepps be used on other Bands (Frequencies)?

A. Unless specifically designated as multi band capable, then no, most are mono-band antennas.

2. Can I run more power than the wattage rating of a particular model Qik-Zepp?

A. Only if you want to risk damaging the antenna and possibly your transmitter. Such damage is not covered by warranty.

3. Do Qik-Zepps need a counterpoise (radials)?

A. No, they are a complete Half-Wave antenna.

4. Will the feed-line radiate and will a current choke help prevent this?

A. The feed-line will radiate to a small extent, but a current choke will have little effect when placed on the coax attached to the SO-239. Why? At the end of the antenna where the matching network is attached, there is very little current, as this is a high impedance point on the antenna. It is the middle of the antenna where the current is high and therefore the impedance would have to be extremely high to have any effect at where the coax is attached.

5. If the Qik-Zepps are configured as a vertical will radials be needed?

A. No, the Qik-Zepps are half wave antennas, not the typical Quarter-Wave vertical used in HF.

6. Can I use a steel guy wire or other conductive material line to hold the antenna up?

A. This would be a very bad idea and likely cause all sorts of problems with tuning, and destroy any type of signal pattern one might be attempting to establish.

7. Can I do the initial (resonance) tuning of the antenna with one length of coax feed-line, and then put the antenna into operation with a different feed-line length?

A. Yes, but this may affect the deployed tuning. However, the Qik-Zepps have a slide tuning feature which allows the center frequency to be adjusted by about 80kHz. See Initial tuning procedure.

8. Will other antennas or pieces of metal (masts, aluminum siding, etc) affect the antennas tuning or pattern?

A. Yes, like any other antenna.

9. Can you pre-tune the Qik-Zepps for me?

A. Unfortunately no, they are better tuned on site.

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